Your partner for custom cell type development

Elpis has developed an ultra-fast method for generating mature and highly pure human cell types. These cells are ideal for biomedical research, drug discovery and cell therapy.

 Directed differentiationReprogramming
Ease of cultureComplex cultureSimple culture using standard media
Culture time6-30 weeks5-7 days
ConsistencyHighly variableHighly consistent

Disease model development package (4-6 months)

As part of this package, we can generate custom disease model mature human cells. We can create any custom mutation you need for your research, and can also provide the healthy control cells as a baseline. The disease lines will have the high purity and consistency like all Elpis cell lines, and are ideal for picking up subtle phenotypes and large scale screens. 

Novel cell type development package (14-18 months) 

Elpis technology can be applied to generate any cell type. We offer a novel cell type development package, where we will generate any cell type you need for your research or product requirements. All our cells are created to a high standard of purity and consistency.