Elpis Biomed is a cell science company. We are a spin-out from the Laboratory of the Wellcome Trust MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute at the University of Cambridge. We have a team of world-leading scientists passionate about high-quality research and taking human cell culture to the next level. Our mission is to enable science, drug discovery, and the development of cell therapies by making human cells easy.

We provide mature human cell types of high purity and consistency for research and drug discovery. They are quick and easy to use (ready within 2+ days from plating), and they provide a highly uniform cell population to do experiments on. The cells are particularly well suited for experiments looking for subtle changes in phenotype, or where a lot of bulk material is needed. Experiments with our mature human cells are highly reproducible.

Our technology provides a basis for the next generation of cell therapies.

Our team

Mark Kotter

Gordana Apic
Commercial Director

Jonathan Milner
Investor Director

Imbisaat Geti
Head of Manufacturing

Roger Pedersen
Chief Scientific Advisor

Our technology

Elpis BioMed’s proprietary platform technology genetically hard-wires cellular differentiation into stem cells to provide highly pure and mature human cell types in unlimited quantities. What makes the technology truly unique is:

  1. It is highly efficient. Pluripotent cells convert into the desired cell type within 4-7 days, and can be used for experiments within 2 days of plating.
  2. New cell types can be generated with greater precision and ease. We are rapidly expanding our product portfolio and are able to develop novel cell types that do not yet exist within 14-18 months.
  3. Superior purity and consistency. Our reprogramming process is highly synchronised ensuring that the cells are at the same stage of maturity. Our cultures do not require purification steps as they consist of a single cell type only.

We are able to create custom disease models and cell lines for your specific research needs. To find out more, get in touch.