Accelerate your human cell culture research

At Elpis BioMed, we specialise in creating ready-to-culture mature human cell types for your research. Our cells are used as models in science and drug discovery.

Why use Elpis cells?

  • High purity – all our cells are up to 100% pure, giving you a reliable cell type model
  • Easy to culture – simple culture using standard media
  • Fast to work with – only 2-5 days culture time from when you get the vial

Originally developed at the University of Cambridge, we test our cells with top research institutes to ensure the highest standards of quality and reproducibility.

Develop the next generation of cell therapies

A Innovate UK sponsored feasibility study confirmed that Elpis technology provides a stable and highly consistent platform for cellular therapies. 

What we do

High quality cells

Human cells for science, disease modelling, drug discovery and cell therapy. Our products are characterised in detail by top experts in the field, and provide a highly robust and reproducible human cell type model. 

Developing new cell lines

Elpis technology can produce any new cell type, and we are regularly developing new disease models and cell lines. Partner with us for creating customs products and applications, ideal for drug development and cell therapy. 

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