Our breakthrough technology combines synthetic and stem cell biology, offering limitless possibilities. Enabling a new generation of cell therapies, providing the best human cells for research and drug discovery, and allowing the control of advanced synthetic biology circuits for biomanufacturing.

Application: precise reprogramming of stem cells_

Application: precise reprogramming of stem cells_

Reprogramming stem cells into functional skeletal muscle

Batch to batch reproducibility for applications including high throughput screening and cell therapy

Unprecedented purity results approaching 100%, compared to the 10-20% of current technologies

Industrial-scale quantities and order-of-magnitude lower costs

Production takes days not months results in significant associated benefits 

Current cell product offerings:

Biology turns engineering

As we reach the “read/write” stage of biology, evolution is proving to be the ultimate algorithm, allowing us to increasingly program biological systems. A foundational shift in biology from being an empirical science towards becoming an engineered discipline is underway.

Mark Kotter

MD PhD, Founder/CEO

Paul Morrill

PhD, Chief Business Officer

Roger Pedersen

PhD, Chief Scientific Advisor

Florian Schuster


Marius Wernig

Scientific Advisory Board Member


Cambridge Start-Up of the Year

Elpis Wins 2018 Cambridge Independent Start-Up of the Year Award Elpis was voted as the 2018 Cambridge Start-Up of the Year among a highly competitive field of life science and biotech start-ups. The Cambridge Independent Science and Technology Awards are sponsored by...

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Elpis closes funding round

Elpis has closed a funding round backed by top life sciences investors. The funds will be used to grow the company’s catalogue of human cell type products and expand its service offerings. This marks our first step towards more complex products, including human...

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Elpis receives Innovate UK grant

Elpis has received a grant from Innovate UK to investigate the use of its technology for cell therapy. The project will look at the feasibility of using Elpis oligodendrocytes (a nervous system support cell) as therapy for spinal cord injury. This is a promising...

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